Most Days Our Founder Doesn't Wear Makeup

Most days, Sloane Marley Founder and Maker, Courtney Feider doesn't wear makeup.
Ten years ago, she couldn't have said that.  She used make up as a cover and a mask and though she used natural makeup she was in a constant battle to keep her skin even, moisturized and toned in a way that created a good base for make up when she did wear it.  It was an endless cycle of defeat.  With combination skin that is also very sensitive, even the most expensive ingredients rarely worked for her.  
Today, Courtney is proud of her laugh lines and the light wrinkles that come with time and the birth of two children.  They tell a story and mark her time on the earth.  But in her 40s, her skin looks better than it did in her 30s. 
At night Courtney uses REN to wash, then mixes TONA, VÄN, and KLAR before she hits the pillow.  In the morning, she uses REN again, a spray of TONA and a generous portion of VÄN.  She coats her lips in LAGA before going to bed, particularly in the summer when she's been out on her cross bike or paddle board.   If she needs more moisture around the delicate skin surrounding her eyes, FUKTA is the perfect solution.  
When she does use makeup these days, she doesn't need more than a tinted moisturizer and she prefers one with mineral sunscreen.  Her sun damage is faded and her skin is plumped after consistent use for the last two months.  She usually only wears mascara, a dash of blush, and LAGA on her lips.
Courtney's biggest message to the people who are interested in Sloane Marley is, "Treat your skin the way you would treat your digestive system. 
If you are focused on eating healthy whole food but you're putting chemicals on your skin, you're damaging and suffocating your body's biggest organ, the skin. Engage in a nourishing ritual with something that smells good and feels good and go through your day with peace.

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