LOVE + TOUCH Collection

LOVE + TOUCH Collection

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Being loved and touched is a basic human desire and being loved and touched with fragrant, sensual oils and butters?  Well.... all the better.  During the most balanced time, connection is essential.  During uncertain times loving each other and ourselves is vital.  

This full-sized collection offers a 1-2-3 solution for intimate touch and connection with facial massage (FUKTA), intimate area-safe body massage (RÖR) and foot + hand massage (LAGA).  

With three different and complimentary aromatherapeutic blends, this collection leaves those using it feeling a sense of passion and peace.

More about the individual products below.


In Swedish, FUKTA means “moisture”.

This silky and fragrant rich blue facial oil holds natural moisture and protects the skin with the power of seriously calming and great smelling floral essentials mixed with our special wine pomace + sacred botanical ferment, rich in resveratrol and anti-oxidants.

In Swedish, RÖR means “touch”.  

We believe that the return to ritual of personal care starts with feeling good about yourself and your ability to share yourself with others. Created especially for tender areas and intimate experiences (and areas).  This oil-based, quick-absorbing formula removes any concerns about safety for intimate areas because it contains no parabens, fillers or artificial fragrances.  Use on intimate areas or all over to hydrate the skin and leave a subtle hint of rose, vanilla, spice, wood and heat.   

In Swedish, LAGA means “prepare".

This all-purpose whole body balm is a best friend year round, preparing skin to be whole and healed.  Like butter for the skin, LAGA creates a barrier keeping out the negative and combines up with essential oils and our special wine pomace + sacred botanical ferment, rich in resveratrol and anti-oxidants, working to make broken skin whole again.  

This is a must have for the beat up feet of yogis and yoginis, and those who exercise on a regular basis.  Also a big deal for those working in healthcare, traveling for work, or for teachers and parents who wash hands a lot.  

Skin types: ALL


 FUKTA: 1 oz 

 RÖR: 2 oz 

 LAGA: 2 oz