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Feel Better

Feel Better

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Nothing feels worse than when your skin is dry and out of balance AND you aren't feeling well or are recovering from surgery or an injury.  This set is custom curated by our Maker / Founder, Courtney Feider, and is exactly the combination she gives friends and family when they need some downtime and just need to feel better.  

An ideal gift for: 

- Get well soon

- Broken bones/injury recovery

- Recovery from surgery  

- Anyone suffering from chronic illness 

More about the products: 

LAGA (2 oz) is our first and most evergreen product, the most nourishing and supportive all-purpose salve/balm you've ever used.  Wonderful when you aren't feeling well - for sore noses, dry lips, and on hands and feet just to feel better.  By far our most consistently popular product.

KLAR (2 oz) is an aromatherapeutic liquid clay that will soothe your skin and halt blemishes and reduce excess oil while also lifting and balancing your mood.  Can be worn daily all day.  This is the most unique product we make because it combines the power of a thick clay mask, toner, relaxing essential oils, and acne-fighting / oil-balancing.  When you need to feel better, this can be quickly applied to face for relaxation and can take the place of full-face routines until you recover.  

FUKTA (28g) is a silky and luscious wild-harvested rich blue facial oil holding natural moisture and protecting the skin with the power of seriously calming and great smelling floral essentials.  When you aren't feeling well, this is ideal at temples, under the nose, or on your hands.  Soothing essentials can help call in sleep when you're uncomfortable.  

ÖRTTE (1 oz loose) is a brand NEW proprietary herbal tea blend formulated by Maker/Founder Courtney Feider.  This is the blend she uses regularly and the one she gives to all of her friends and family to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and promote relaxation.  Blend includes: chamomile, rosehips, fennel, stinging nettle, and pure vanilla.