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The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

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Looking for something exceptional for your Mama this year?  Celebrate her well with this custom gift curated by Maker/Founder Courtney Feider.  

Courtney's kids asked her what her *ideal* gift set would be, and these are her personal selections.  Great for Mother's Day or a variety of other occasions honoring your Mama. 

An ideal gift for: 

- Mother's Day

- Mom's birthday

- Thank you gift for Mom

- New grandmother gift 

- Wife / partner appreciation gift 

- Anniversary (for her)  


More about the products: 

VÄN (28 g)  is an active wildcrafted botanical serum that is oil-free and vegan, and made with fresh Viognier from our wine partners at El Corazon in Walla Walla, Washington, and finished with botanical acids, hyaluronic acid, and citrus acid, together with our proprietary Vinoflora (pressed grape seeds and skins + botanicals and fruit acids), which is rich in resveratrol.  With all of those fruit acids, it's still the softest, gentlest, mildest stuff around.   

SJÖ (1 oz) is a moisturizing body scrub made with lake and sea minerals, sugar, sea salt, and natural oils letting you exfoliate, nourish and moisturize your skin in one step.  It's ideal for refreshing tired feet and legs after long adventures because the sugar/salt/sea-mineral combination stimulates blood flow and helps circulation to prevent lactic acid build-up.  It also just smells and feels really good. 

FIN (1 oz) is whipped body butter made entirely from an oil base, but it soaks in completely and rapidly.  Shea butter leaves your skin protected all day, particularly when used just out of the shower.  No alcohol or water-based products like other body butter.  This item has only been in our portfolio since April 2020 and it's already one of our most popular and most frequently sold out. 

KLAR (2 oz) is an aromatherapeutic liquid clay that will soothe your skin and halt blemishes and reduce excess oil while also lifting and balancing your mood.  Can be worn daily all day.  This is the most unique product we make because it combines the power of a thick clay mask, toner, relaxing essential oils, and acne-fighting / oil-balancing in a thin, sheer matte finish that looks good on nearly all skin tones, all day alone or under makeup.  

FUKTA (28 g) is a silky and luscious wild-harvested rich blue facial oil holding natural moisture and protecting the skin with the power of seriously calming and great smelling floral essentials.  When you aren't feeling well, this is ideal at temples, under the nose, or on your hands.  Soothing essentials can help call in sleep when you're uncomfortable. 

PÄRLA (2oz) is an all-purpose whole body balm that shares a base recipe with our famous LAGA and adds a real tumbled gemstone and a subtle shimmer, made by natural powdered mica. Your go-to year-round, allowing the skin to be soft and soothed while adding a disco shimmy and a crystal to keep you (and your salve) buzzing.   

CHOCOLATE MINT ALMONDS from our friends at City Peanut are an absolutely blissful treat, one bite at a time.  This small bag won't last long but it will offer a little protein and a chocolate boost to a mama who is busy helping.

LEMON SHORTBREAD BITES from our friends at City Peanut are sweet, crunchy, tart, and delicious.  Perfect with tea or coffee, this small bag won't last long but it will offer a little protein and a chocolate boost to a mama who needs a moment to herself.