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MAMMA + BEBIS Gentle Touch Collection

MAMMA + BEBIS Gentle Touch Collection

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MAMMA + BEBIS Gentle Touch Collection is the ultimate gift for your favorite Mama, Papa, or grandparent to-be.  

The MAMMA + BEBIS Gentle Touch Collection very gently cares for brand new skin, and for a Mama whose body has been a home and sanctuary for a growing baby.  LILLA DU and ÄLSKA are also good for the tender skin of toddlers and young kids with eczema and other skin conditions.  

Use LILLA DU with chamomile flowers and calendula (no essential oils) to carefully clean brand new newborn skin, or add to a peri-bottle for very tender treatment during recovery from birth.  ÄLSKA is a vegan and skin-safe nipple balm and also ideal to help cover small scratches from baby's fingernails, or to help soften and settle cradle cap. In a pinch, it's a cuticle treatment or lip balm for Mama too. 

KÄNSLIG Sensitive Skin Wash is a sensitive skin was made for new parents with blue essential oils to soothe body and mind and help them rest.  FUKTA Balancing Blue Oil is calming and will help new parents rest, relax and sleep while the baby sleeps. 

When a baby is over 9 months old FUKTA can be applied to their feet to help them sleep.   

This set is comforting for the whole family.  



Set Includes: 

LILLA DU Gentle Baby Wash

KÄNSLIG Sensitive Skin Cleanser 

FUKTA Balancing Blue Oil 

ÄLSKA Nipple Balm 

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