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FAMILJ Big + Small Collection

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FAMILJ Big + Small Collection

The FAMILJ Collection Big + Small is the combination full size and travel set of all of the basics needed for babies and kiddos.   

This set offers essentials for skin conditions with KLAR Liquid Clay, gentle moisturizing and sleep support with FUKTA Balancing Oil, and conditioning for diaper rash and chafe with LAGA.  With full sizes and travel size, you have what you need for home and the diaper bag, car, or suitcase so you're never without support.  KLAR Liquid Clay, FUKTA Balancing Oil and LAGA All Purpose Salve for Bebis' skin, diaper area, and face.  

All travel bottles are TSA friendly sizes for carry on luggage, so you can bring this set through security in your diaper bag or carry on and use it on the plane if needed.  Excellent for international travel and long flights.  

Full sizes: 

KLAR - 2 oz 

FUKTA - 1 oz

LAGA - 2 oz

Travel sizes: 

KLAR - .5 oz 

FUKTA - .25 oz

LAGA - .5 oz

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