Let me tell you - I am not fancy.  I am (in fact) the opposite of fancy.  Hair ever in a messy bun, rarely seen in make-up, often seen in yoga clothes.  It's well known in my family that I don't survive more than 15 minutes after walking through the door without getting into "comfy clothes". 

This was a problem for me at a certain point.  I was never the woman who wanted to be tied to wearing makeup every day and I was always more "natural" than "put-together" but in various seasons of my life (affected by stress and hormones) my skin was prone to breakouts.  A natural face doesn't look so good when the chin is sporting a few deep acne wounds.  

I strove to find something better and different for my skin and I struggled.  Most products I tried worked for awhile and then stopped working.  Some were too oily.  Many were too drying.  Often what I would find at the store that was made from natural ingredients was rancid on the shelf (eww).  In addition, anything I sort of liked was for one purpose and was very expensive.  If I was the only one using it, it wasn't getting used quickly enough to be at peak freshness.  

In addition to all of this, I had very young kids and no time on my hands.  My self-care was sliding even more.  I was craving a change, starting with myself.

When I set out to create Sloane Marley, I had these three missions in mind: 

1.  Make something that changes the environment of the skin and helps it fix itself.  

2.  Make something that feels and smells really good without fragrances or additives.  

3.  Make something multi-use that many members of a household can use in equal proportion so it is used while it is fresh and at it's best.  

I developed a hobby based on experimentation.  I read labels and devoured books.  I studied the impact of food on skin and closely watched trends with the rise of fermented products to help our bodies from the inside out.  I thought - why not the outside in? 

I leveraged my intuition, my education, and my dedication to the intelligence of native people from all over the world to understand the common threads in natural medicine and care of the body and skin.  I began to understand how the skin (as our biggest breathing organ) is essential to our health.  I began to challenge friends and family and offer them samples.  

Over time, I saw it work.  

People jumped in because it felt good to wash their face.  Others continued because they liked the small amount of time in ritual they were dedicating to themselves.  Still others found the ways that the products could help their elderly parents, teenage kids, or babies.  

I founded this brand to be the epitome of the paradigm between fierceness and comfort that we all long for.  Feeling beautiful and feeling supported in our bodies is something we are owed and something we all want - at all ages, in every shape and size and state of life.  

What makes the product line unique is that the journey is entirely yours.  The products are each natural, whole, alive, and multi-use.  The way you use them and the frequency you use them with is entirely up to you.  As you find your rhythm and share it with others, they will find theirs, and the rest is a dance.  It is my most pure and consistent desire that you love each and every experience with these products. 

I reached back into my ancestral roots and was given a gift. And that gift, I share with you.  

With my very best,


Founder / Owner / Maker