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New Day, New Chapter

New Day, New Chapter

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When someone you care about is moving cities, starting a new relationship, or graduating from high school or college they are moving into a whole new chapter of their lives.  

Custom curated by Maker/Founder Courtney Feider for milestone birthdays, graduations, and relocations this kit is ideal for an older teen leaving home, an adult child leaving college, or a friend who is moving or having a milestone birthday. 

Everyone loves a fresh start. 

An ideal gift for: 

- Graduation 

- Relocation

- Fresh Start

- Teens to Twenties   

- Milestone Birthday

More about the products: 

SKÖN Glowing Skin Mini Collection (with canvas carry bag)

This all-in-one set puts you back in control of your face care, offering you total power to keep your skin soft, toned, clear, and plumped, and even.   

Commercial products take away too much natural moisture and don't fully remove toxins, leaving skin exposed to invasion and overproducing sebum.  Our products all build a foundation of healthy living ingredients.  The living elements act like an army, fighting off bad skin with our proprietary Vinoflora (pressed grape seeds and skins + botanicals and fruit acids).

REN Daily Wash - 1oz 

TONA Toner - .5 oz 

FUKTA Balancing Blue Oil - .25 oz

VÄN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum -  .25 oz

KLAR Clarifying Liquid Clay - .5 oz 

LAGA (2 oz) is our first and most evergreen product, the most nourishing and supportive all-purpose salve/balm you've ever used.  Ideal to prevent windburn, chafe, chapped lips, and to soothe hands and feet on long hikes or camping trips.  Great when you've spent a lot of time barefoot on the sand.  By far our most consistently popular product. 

ROSE COSMO MINI MOCKTAIL from our friends at iONE Bitters is a ready-to-drink cranberry and lime mixed drink which can be shaken over ice or topped with sparkling water for a delicious, refreshing non-alcoholic treat. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS from City Peanut Shop these delicious milk chocolate-covered almonds are a perfect sweet treat and pair deliciously with the chocolate-covered cherries.