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Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

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These are a few of our favorite things!  Custom curated by our Maker / Founder, Courtney Feider, these minis of each of the items she can't live without on a daily basis.  

An ideal gift for: 

- Birthdays (women, men, teens) 

- Just because 

- Thank you 

- Celebration 

More about the products: 

KLAR (14 g mini) is an aromatherapeutic liquid clay that will soothe your skin and halt blemishes and reduce excess oil while also lifting and balancing your mood.  Can be worn daily all day.  This is the most unique product we make because it combines the power of a thick clay mask, toner, relaxing essential oils, and acne-fighting / oil-balancing in a thin, sheer matte finish that looks good on nearly all skin tones, all-day alone or under makeup.  

TONA (14 g mini) is the answer for people who hate toners - a refreshing mist with soothing essential oils and living elements of kombucha and apple cider vinegar.  Excellent on cotton or cloth directly on skin for removal of residue or excess oil, or as a spritz on face or whole body to refresh, particularly in warm weather.  

LAGA (1 oz mini) is our first and most evergreen product, the most nourishing and supportive all-purpose salve / balm you've ever used.  Great for lips, dry hands, overworked feet and heels, and to protect from windburn.  Also supportive for dry skin conditions like eczema.  Perfect for athletes to soothe/protect from chafe, and as a first treatment for skin abrasions and minor injuries.  By far our most consistently popular product.

FIN (1 oz mini) is a whipped body butter made entirely from an oil base, but it soaks in completely and rapidly.  Shea butter leaves your skin protected all day, particularly when used just out of the shower.  No alcohol or water-based products like other body butters.  This item has only been in our portfolio since April 2020 and it's already one of our most popular and most frequently sold out.