FULLÄNDA Library Collection

FULLÄNDA Library Collection

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In Swedish, FULLÄNDA means "to bring perfect beauty". 

This collection features a "library" of our wild-harvested natural skincare, helping expedite your new connection with nature while taking superior care of your beautiful skin.  

FULLÄNDA contains our very popular honey and rose-based face wash (REN), our kombucha and hops toner (TONA), our wild-harvested blue balancing oil (FUKTA),  our one-of-a-kind clarifying liquid clay (KLAR), and our oil-free smoothing, plumping and exfoliating serum with hyaluronic acid, konjac and citrus acids (VÄN).  It also includes our probiotic softening body wash (TVÄTTA), our sugar and sea mineral body scrub (SJÖ), our super hydrating body butter (FIN), our woodsy and exotic intimate body oil (RÖR), and our two much-loved salves (LAGA and PÄRLA).  

FULLÄNDA Library Mini Collection contains these sizes for your sampling or traveling pleasure:

REN - 1 oz

TONA  - 14 g

FUKTA - .25 oz

VÄN - .25 oz

KLAR - 14 g

LAGA - .25 oz

TVÄTTA  - 1 oz

SJÖ - 1 oz

FIN - 1 oz

RÖR - 14 g

PÄRLA - .25 oz 



FULLÄNDA Library Collection contains these sizes for your home: 

REN - 4 oz

TONA  - 2 oz

FUKTA - 1 oz

VÄN - 1 oz

KLAR - 2 oz

LAGA - 2 oz

TVÄTTA  - 8 oz

SJÖ - 6 oz

FIN - 6 oz

RÖR - 2 oz

PÄRLA - 2 oz 

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