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Mama To Be

Mama To Be

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There is no more transformational time for a woman or a family than when a new baby is on the way.  That new mama to be is carrying the balance of a complete shift in dynamics in the family, her need to nurture a new being once the baby arrives, and all of the nuances of her changing body before during, and after pregnancy.  

This kit is custom curated by Maker/Founder Courtney Feider based on what she felt she most needed when she was pregnant with her two daughters.  It's the same set she gives to friends and extended family when a sweet new baby is on the way.

An ideal gift for: 

- Women expecting a baby

- Mama with a brand new baby

- Someone undergoing fertility treatment or preparing to become pregnant

- Women who have suffered a miscarriage or loss of a baby

- Women who have become pregnant again after the loss of a previous pregnancy (for stress management + support)

More about the products: 

LILLA DU (2 oz) is a handcrafted, organic gentle yet moisturizing concentrated wash developed for the most sensitive of skin. This wash concentrate is perfect for the newest of babies and is ideal for cleaning delicate areas. Dilute and use with cloth wipes while diapering, use in the bath, and in a peri bottle with water during tender days right after the baby comes home.  

ÄLSKA (1 oz) is a wild-harvested, organic balm for chapped, cracked sore skin that’s safe for baby and mama.  It is infused with calendula and chamomile and does not contain any added fragrances or essential oils. ÄLSKA is multipurpose - for bellies, boobs, cradle cap, lip balm, dry hands, etc. 

KÄNSLIG (2 oz) is our gentlest face wash and combines the power chamomile and calendula, and the moisturizing + clarifying agents in natural maple syrup and blue botanicals. This super gentle wash won’t clog your pores like an oil cleanser, and won’t dry already dry skin.  It foams up and runs clean, supporting gently moisturized skin. 

LAGA (1 oz)  is our first and most evergreen product, the most nourishing and supportive all-purpose salve/balm you've ever used.  Wonderful when you aren't feeling well - for sore noses, dry lips, and on hands and feet just to feel better.  By far our most consistently popular product.

CHOCOLATE MINT ALMONDS from our friends at City Peanut are an absolutely blissful treat, one bite at a time.  This small bag won't last long but it will offer a little protein and a chocolate boost to a mama who is busy nesting.

ROSE COSMO MINI MOCKTAIL from our friends at iONE Bitters is a ready-to-drink cranberry and lime mixed drink which can be shaken over ice or topped with sparkling water for a delicious, refreshing non-alcoholic treat.