Our Thanks

Our Thanks

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Who has made an impact on your life recently and deserves your thanks and your support?  Something special and unexpected arriving in the mail helps us feel wanted, appreciated, and even loved.

This kit was originally curated by Maker/Founder Courtney Feider for her kids' teachers and as a thank you to colleagues and collaborators.  Courtney sends this set often to those she'd like to thank.  

An ideal gift for: 

- Teachers or administrators for end of year gifts

- Healthcare worker/home health aide who has supported you or your family

- A friend or loved one in need of a pick-me-up

- A new co-worker, colleague, or member of your team at work

- Anyone you appreciate and want to show support for

More about the products: 

LAGA (1 oz) is our first and most evergreen product, the most nourishing and supportive all-purpose salve/balm you've ever used.  Great for lips, dry hands, overworked feet and heels, and to protect from windburn.  Also supportive for dry skin conditions like eczema.  Perfect for athletes to soothe/protect from chafe, and as the first treatment for skin abrasions and minor injuries.  By far our most consistently popular product.

SANERA (2 oz)  is our aerosolized super-strong hand sanitizer. It is different because it adds moisture.  In addition to industry strength guidelines for alcohol, we have added grapeseed oil and probiotic wine pomace, vinegar, and sea salt, for the things basic sanitizer doesn't kill.  The aromatherapeutic power of lemon, rosemary, bergamot, and sage can renew your sense of calm and peace while also easing your mind and not drying out your skin.    

KLAR (14 g)  is an aromatherapeutic liquid clay that will soothe your skin and halt blemishes and reduce excess oil while also lifting and balancing your mood.  Can be worn daily all day.  This is the most unique product we make because it combines the power of a thick clay mask, toner, relaxing essential oils, and acne-fighting / oil-balancing in a thin, sheer matte finish that looks good on nearly all skin tones, all day alone or under makeup. 

BREWERS NUTS from City Peanut are a decadent sweet + salty peanut treat full of protein and a sweet, addictive crunch. These were our first favorites from City Peanut and we've yet to meet someone who doesn't love them.