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RÖR Body Oil
RÖR Body Oil
RÖR Body Oil
RÖR Body Oil

RÖR Body Oil

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In Swedish, RÖR means “touch”.  We believe that the return to ritual of personal care starts with feeling good about yourself and your ability to share yourself with others.  

This lush, oil-based, quick-absorbing formula contains no parabens, fillers, or artificial fragrances.  Use to hydrate the skin and leave a subtle hint of rose, vanilla, spice, wood, and heat.   


Soon to be your go to replacing lotion right out of the shower, for a confidence boost late in the day, or for connecting with a partner as the day winds down. 

Skin type: ALL


Use and Details:  

For whole body moisture, gentle lubricant, or in lieu of perfume/cologne.  Great straight out of the shower on wet skin.  Great for couples or for solo intimate time.  

14g Mini

2 oz. Regular 

4 oz. Large

14g + 2oz Duo


Organic sweet almond oil and essentials of vanilla, Nepalese sandalwood, cardamom, rose, tonka bean, jasmine, and a drop of clove for warmth.  

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RÖR Body Oil
RÖR Body Oil
RÖR Body Oil