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At all times, it's best to have clean and deeply moisturized hands.  At the current time, the need for these things is even higher - for all members of a family or household.  

Our full size SOFT + CLEAN Duo offers families the ability to safely sanitize and moisturize hands with ingredients that are hospital grade and also gentle for less cracking and drying and much more soothing.  

In uncertain times, we certainly need to feel safe and calm.  

In Swedish, LAGA means “prepare".

This all-purpose whole body balm is a best friend year round, preparing skin to be whole and healed.  

Like butter for the skin, LAGA creates a barrier keeping out the negative and combines up with essential oils and our special wine pomace + sacred botanical ferment, rich in resveratrol and anti-oxidants, working to make broken skin whole again.  

This is a must have for the beat up feet of yogis and yoginis, and those who exercise on a regular basis.  Also a big deal for those working in healthcare, traveling for work, or for teachers and parents who wash hands a lot.  

In Swedish, SANERA means "sanitize".

Our aerosolized super strong hand sanitizer is different because in addition to hospital grade alcohol, we use the power of natural flora from wine pomace, gentle grapeseed oil, and essential oils for additional disinfecting power.

In addition to following CDC / WHO and hospital guidelines for disinfection and viral killing power, we added essential oils, vinegars, and probiotic wine pomace.  The aromatherapeutic power of lemon, rosemary, bergamot and sage can renew your sense of calm and peace.  

Good for hands, as well as surfaces or as a room spray. Cruelty-free, highly effective, active, botanical, and wildcrafted.

Essential for healthcare and emergency workers as well as those working in customer service and food service.   

Skin types: ALL




LAGA:   2 oz tin 

SANERA:  2 oz bottle


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