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Our Signature Skin Quiz : Let Us Help You Get To The Bottom of What Your Skin REALLY Needs

Probably 90% of the questions I get from our customers are about "what they should do for their skin type".  There is relevance there and also a BIG gap.  The relevance is, yes... we each have factors like extra oil, dry skin, sensitivity in various forms and doses, etc.  The gap is that none of us falls into the narrow category that a typical skin-type diagnosis offers.  Same goes for age - just because you are a certain age doesn't mean you need products for that age.  Nor does it mean you cannot share the products with people of other ages.  Don't want to share the products because you love them so much?  Well, that's another issue entirely and we totally understand! :)

The skin's needs are based on a variety of factors that make up your life experience, your lifestyle, your stress level, your diet, your community of friends and lovers (how much oxytocin you are getting), your mental health and the climate you live in.  

Here I have created a simple "copy / paste" quiz that you can import into a document and print or just work out online to help guide you to some of the best answers for your skin.  If you complete the quiz and email it to me, I will reply with suggestions for a routine that has the best chance of working for you.  If you are a parent you are welcome to do this on behalf of a child or teen.  Or if you want to have a friend or loved one do the quiz, you could give it to them with a gift card from us as a surprise or treat.  

Another cool detail!  We are working on more body care, eg. body wash and a body butter.  If you are interested in these items, please add that in the NOTES area at the end of the quiz.  

I am very excited to have a personal conversation with you about your skin.  Beautiful, natural skin is available to everyone.  The journey starts today.  


1.  Select and copy everything from SLOANE MARLEY SIGNATURE SKIN QUIZ through the question 20 at the bottom.  

2.  Paste it into a text editor or your favorite word processing system - we like Google Docs.  

3.  Type in your answers beneath each question, making room for the length of the answer you want to give. 

4.  Save the document as a PDF and email it to for your customized advice.  



1.  What is your name and how old are you?  

2.  Where did you grow up and where do you live now?  Please describe the climate and conditions. 

3.  Do you believe that you are beautiful regardless of what your skin looks like?  How did that belief manifest for you when you were younger and how has it changed over time?  

4.  How would you best describe your skin? (the more detail the better) 

5.  How sensitive is your skin (on a scale of 1-10)?  

6.  Do you struggle with any specific ingredients or essential oils on your skin? 

7.  Does your skin feel dry and tight with a sheen on the top? 

8.  Does your skin breakout often?  When?  For how long? 

9.  What type of breakout? (clogged pores? cystic acne? other?)

10.  Where do you buy your skincare and makeup and which brands do you use? 

11.  Are you stressed about: spouse/dating, kids, finances, personal health, job, living situation, or other ____________?  Feel free to name as many as are relevant. 

12.  How would you describe your eating habits? 

13.  How much water do you drink every day?  How much caffeine? 

14.  How much do you spend on skincare a month?

15.  Any other skin concerns? 


16.  Do you use any of our products currently? 

17.  Do you have any temporary skin issues you want advice on?  Like mask rash, dry skin from sanitizer, etc.? 

18. Where can we send your results?  

19.  What is your zip code? 

20.  Any other questions, comments or NOTES for us?  



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