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What Lady Gaga and SLOANE MARLEY Have in Common

For a long time, I have been a big fan of Lady Gaga. 

I love her music, I think she's an amazing actress, and I share her love of reinvention. 

So when I saw her makeup line, Haus Labs, in my social feeds I was instantly curious.

Let me say, I have frequently been in a position where a celebrity or business figure I really like on a foundation makes a new move and when I look into it, it is more hype and pop image than good solid business.  I was prepared for that to happen.

That wasn't the case here. 

When I explored further, I recognized that Gaga's team and proprietary edge is the way that they are using fermented ingredients and plant-based acids to bolster their makeup.

Just a few of the amazing ingredients they use are fermented arnica, hyaluronic acid, prickly pear oil, and plant squalene.  All of SLOANE MARLEY's products have our Vinoflora (a proprietary ferment blend of grape seeds + skins and sacred botanicals), and we use prickly pear in our FUKTA and hyaluronic acid in our VÄN. Plant squalene is in our Vinoflora. 

I was hooked, but the proof comes when you try the product.  

I have tried the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, the PhD Hybrid Lip Oil, the Bio-radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter, and the Hy Power Pigment Paint.  

Here is my routine with my new favorite products: 

1.  Lightly spritz my face with TONA Clarifying Toner 

2.  Use 2-3 drops of ÄLDRE Deep Conditioning Oil to create a smooth base 

3.  Apply Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation with a makeup brush. It is the best and most seamless color match I have ever found for my face!  And it "stays put" throughout the day even after I use my face oils beneath it.  It also works on spots to cover blemishes. 

4.  Dust a little of the Bio-radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter on my cheeks for a natural looking glow, and add a little mascara and brow gel following.

5.  Use a small amount of the Hy Power Pigment Paint to create a base of color on my lips, then top with the high shine but nourishing PhD Hybrid Lip Oil, which also looks great on bare lips.  

My skin has never looked younger, more radiant, and more balanced, and all of it comes of easily when I wash my face with REN Daily Cleanser in the evening.  

Haus Labs + SLOANE MARLEY are a love affair of magic. 

I'm in for life. 


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