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Wildcrafted Skincare-What's All the Buzz About?

Have you heard the buzz around wildcrafted skincare? We sure have- it's what makes our skincare line so special. Values of sustainability, connection to our Earth, and connection with our pasts is what drives us to create products that provide beautiful skin for all. While some natural skincare contains preservatives, fillers, and other irritants, our wildcrafting process preserves all of the best parts of the ingredients used. So what exactly is "Wildcrafting"?

It all starts in 2013, when our Founder, Courtney Feider, was traveling in Italy, and popped into an organic winery. The business also boasted a spa, where grape seeds rich in resveratrol were being saved to be used in body scrubs. The gears began clicking, and when she returned, she began to develop what would become our Vinoflora base for our products. The sacred formula in our products is alive- the fermented components of our base create a natural army of protection on your skin, warding off bacteria and inflammation. Layering our products allows for the living base to interact with elements such as kombucha to form a barrier to environmental stressors, and provide you with the healthiest skin of your life.

Our Vinoflora base is carefully created by hand and fermented for at least 18 months. We source our seeds and skins from El Corazon Winery in Walla Walla, with fruit and ancestral botanicals to connect us with our own ancestral connections to the land. After a year and a half of fermentation (or more!), our base is carefully merged with recipes for our individual products.

Wildcrafted skincare means that our botanicals aren't exposed to pesticides and fertilizers that dilute the efficacy of the elements. Wild ingredients grow naturally with minimal human interference, preserving all the good they have to offer for us. Our products are created with ingredients from your backyard- chamomile, hops, and rose are turned into something magical. We take the most essential elements of our ingredients to form skincare that's natural, healing, and mood-boosting.

Our products are free from petroleum, GMOs, parabens, toxins, artificial fragrances, and fillers. We choose to fill our products with ingredients promoting peace, mindfulness, and embrace our connection to all that is alive around us. Healthy skin is for all, now and forever. Our wildcrafting process allows us to embrace nature while taking care of our planet and our bodies.

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Amplify your nature and embrace the bounty our planet has gifted to us.

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