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Your Guide to Beauty Sleep, Inside and Out

Let's face it- sometimes getting a good night's rest can be difficult. Between tossing and turning, thinking about what tomorrow holds, and the lure of our screens, it can be difficult to wind down and get the rest our bodies need. In addition to feeling rested and alert the next day, sleep is vital to maintaining healthy skin. Getting better sleep is only a few steps away- read on for some helpful tools for a full night's rest.

Getting a full night of "beauty sleep" is vital for cell restoration. The skin acts as a barrier during the day, protecting the body from UV rays and pollution, and germs. A full night's sleep helps the skin restore its natural protective barrier, reduce inflammation, and produce more collagen.

Getting a better night's sleep begins during the day. Exposing oneself to bright light triggers our circadian rhythm, helping our body to understand when the day begins and when it's time to wind down. Try enjoying a morning beverage outside, or going on a quick walk in the morning. Reducing screen time around bedtime can assist the circadian rhythm in understanding when bedtime is. Blue light exposure can trick our bodies into thinking it's still daytime, reducing melatonin production. Try turning off screens 2 hours before bedtime, and exchanging these for a book, journal, or warm bath. Blue light glasses or apps such as f.lux can help block blue light if parting from screens at night is not practical for one's lifestyle.

Our line has been formulated with the advice of aromatherapists to assist in calming down the nervous system and soothing the mind. Cleansing the skin at night is arguably one of the most important steps of skincare. Our REN cleanser is formulated with Bergamot and Peppermint oil, working to clear the head of stress and reducing the heart rate, preparing the body for sleep.

Moisturizing the skin at night is vital for waking up with a plump, healthy complexion. ALDRE is formulated with Nepalese Sandalwood oil, working to improve the complexion, fight inflammation, and balance out the mood. Our FUKTA oil is a great option for moisturizing at night, and the addition of blue chamomile works to relax the mind with its mellow and calming scent.

In addition to winding down through topical applications, several other options can aid in getting better sleep. Ensuring that your sleep space is peaceful and cool aids in a good night's rest. Turn down the thermostat, light a candle before bed, and ensure that your bedding is comfortable. Try dropping a few drops of chamomile oil or lavender oil into your bath, shower, or diffuser. Deep breathing exercises such as these can aid in nights when stress is high.

Sloane Marley seeks to aid in the wellbeing of all, and sleep is one of the most important aspects of our physical and mental wellbeing. For more information on winding down, check out our guide to Hygge, the Scandinavian art of winding down, or our guided Rain Meditation to soothe the soul.

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