The Story

Together with several botanists, alchemists, and winemakers I have only chosen ingredients that are pure, whole or deeply infused with plant magic. Each product we make is delicately handcrafted, hand packaged, and balanced with botanicals  and essential oils for maximum relaxation and relief from anxiety. 

Our products begin with the principle that a connection to nature if your native state, and that by denying this, you live less in balance.  The Scandinavian principles of "friluftsliv" or "free air life" and the concept of "hygge" or "natural contentment and coziness" are what we hope you feel when you use SLOANE MARLEY products. 

We hold deep reverence for the earth, plant medicine, nature and our inherent right to take care of ourselves and relax. 

From the water we drink, food we eat, and environmental toxins, and rancid, out of date or chemically infused skincare and body care, our bodies are essentially running on toxic fuel inside and out. 

It's time we all returned to the source.