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LAGA All Purpose Salve
LAGA All Purpose Salve
LAGA All Purpose Salve

LAGA All Purpose Salve

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In Swedish, LAGA means “prepare". This all-purpose balm is a best friend for your whole body year-round, preparing skin to be whole and healed.  

LAGA Salve creates a water-resistant (but oxygen-friendly) barrier keeping out the negative and keeping in natural moisture.  Combined with essential oils made to smell like a walk on the shoreline in Cinque Terra, Italy, and our proprietary Vinoflora (pressed grape seeds and skins + botanicals and fruit acids) This bombshell works overtime to make broken skin whole again.  

A must-have for those working in healthcare, traveling for work, or anyone who washes their hands frequently.

Skin type: ALL


Use and Details: 

Use to treat painful dry cracked hands, knuckles, and cuticles and on heels, elbows, or patches of dry skin. Great as a wind barrier on the face (under goggles) for skiers and a useful and deeply conditioning lip balm. Must have for anyone who frequently washes their hands. Good for diaper rash on infants over 6 months. 


Essentials of lavender, lemon, rosemary, and bergamot, with shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, grapeseed oil, and our proprietary pomace blend.  

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LAGA All Purpose Salve
LAGA All Purpose Salve