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THESE WILD HUMANS Limited Edition Candle

THESE WILD HUMANS Limited Edition Candle

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THESE WILD HUMANS Sacred Energy candle is a gentle restorative candle designed to calm the nervous system. It has essences of fresh soft herbs, light sweet orange, rose, moss, grapefruit, palo santo, jasmine, and a hint of tonka bean.

Each candle has a tumbled gemstone in the bottom and you can use it to meditate when you have finished the candle. 

This candle takes the place of a smudge if you prefer scent to smoke. It clears the air and the energy in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and meditation spaces.

The candle is an eco-safe coconut wax with skin-safe natural fragrance.  When the candle is newly put out and the wax is warm, you can apply wax to pressure points as a natural perfume.

Limited Edition = Limited Quantities!

9 oz:

In SLOANE MARLEY signature amber glass with a bronze lid, this candle will burn 30+ hours.  

Use instructions:  Never leave a candle unattended.  Warm wax and natural fragrance are skin-safe.  Feel free to rub a little on your wrists to take the scent of THESE WILD HUMANS with you.  For the safest and cleanest burning, always keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch. 

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