TONA Clarifying Toner

TONA Clarifying Toner

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In Swedish, TONA means "tone".

This clarifying mist both tonifies skin and sets the tone, creating a superior build from clean skin to moisturized skin, putting the skin back to balance, normalizing flora and conditioning skin without oil.

With natural clarifying and lightly exfoliating properties, and our proprietary pomace blend, this refreshing toner cools, removing all traces of residue and environmental toxins.

Cruelty-free, highly effective, active, botanical, and wildcrafted.

Use Instructions:
Use morning and night on clean skin with cotton balls to remove residue. Also useful as a midday spritz for face and body in hot weather, as a deodorizing treatment for second day hair or beards, and left on skin as a light moisturizer.  Ideal one bottle solution to be shared by partners in a bathroom or for travel.

2 oz. 

Distilled water, witch hazel, chamomile distillate, rose and lavender distillates, apple cider vinegar, hops, kombucha, organic alcohol, and essentials of niaouli, eucalyptus, clary sage, lavender and rose with vegetable glycerin.