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SALT SANCTUARY Limited Edition Candle 9 oz

SALT SANCTUARY Limited Edition Candle 9 oz

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Secret Menu Item #1: SHIPS JUNE 2024

The SALT SANCTUARY Limited Edition Candle was custom designed for our partners at These Wild Humans as an offering to their clients to promote peace and mental rest.

SALT SANCTUARY is the first in our line of Secret Menu items, meaning it is only available via our website, not with any of our retail partners. This also means it is a Limited Edition/Limited Run meaning we will test it out with you, our trusted clients and VIPs, and if it becomes popular, consider adding it to our Limited Edition Collection permanently.

SALT SANCTUARY is a restorative candle evoking the feeling of being in the glow of a salt cave, breathing in the refreshing salt and minerals, combined with the essence of cool water, sacred sandalwood, and the 'wood of the Gods', deodor cedar.

Great for public spaces in your home, office, or your bedroom, this light and clean scent moves stagnant energy and refreshes your space, your body and your mind. 

Like all of our candles, it is made from cool burning vegan coconut wax, which is skin-safe. When the candle is newly put out and the wax is warm, you can apply wax to pressure points as a natural perfume.

Limited Edition = Limited Quantities!

9 oz:

In SLOANE MARLEY signature amber glass with a bronze lid, this candle will burn 30+ hours.  

Use instructions:  Never leave a candle unattended.  Warm wax and natural fragrance are skin-safe.  Feel free to rub a little on your wrists to take the scent of SALT SANCTUARY with you.  

Important Safety Warning: For the safest and cleanest burning, always keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch. 

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