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Alternative Uses for our Best Selling Products


SLOANE MARLEY was originally designed to be a simple line of products that could serve many purposes for different people who share resources and space. Intentionally, we developed products with an incredible depth of functionality, and over the years our best customers have given us lots of additional ideas on how they can be used effectively.


Our mission is to create sustainability and steady ritual with your skincare routine, and to integrate it into your life for more peace, less wasted product and packaging, and fresh living ingredients which create a rainbow of nutrition for your skin and help build, stabilize and enhance your skin's microbiome. This improves the look of your skin, the way your skin ages and reacts to toxins, and also contributes to a healthier more balanced immune system.


On average, a luxury skincare system for women can range from $100 to $500 or more per month, depending on the brand and products. The average American bathroom has 9-15 bottles of unused or barely used (discarded) product in their bathroom, and many of these bottles are made of plastic. SLOANE MARLEY is formulated with the highest luxury standards and with the cleanest natural, vegan friendly, and cruelty-free ingredients but our products start around $82 US for a complete face care system which will last one person one month. 


REGULAR USE: Acne control Oil control Overall skin balancing

ALTERNATIVE USES: Simple deodorant Makeup replacement Mood balance Aromatherapy Overnight mask (no rinse needed) Eczema treatment Shingles treatment



REGULAR USE: Hand salve Dry foot/heel treatment Lip balm

ALTERNATIVE USES: Hand salve Dry foot/heel treatment Lip balm For athletes: chafe + road-rash First aid balm for wounds



REGULAR USE: Daily face wash Acne face wash

ALTERNATIVE USES: Spot treatment for ingrown hair (armpits, bikini line) Sports wash for face and hairline Body wash concentrate in a pinch when traveling



REGULAR USE: Skin balancing toner Acne treatment (together with REN and KLAR)

ALTERNATIVE USES: Light moisturizer Whole body cooling spray Face refresher after airline travel



REGULAR USE: Light to medium moisturizer

ALTERNATIVE USES: Treatment for in-grown hairs Shaving medium Hair and beard tonic Scar tissue reduction (after healing as scar forms)



REGULAR USE: Rich + deep conditioning face oil

ALTERNATIVE USES: Meditation oil Eye makeup remover Moisturizer for deeply cracked hands



REGULAR USE: Luxury solid face serum Deep face moisturizer

ALTERNATIVE USES: Razor burn - armpits, legs, bikini, and beard For chapped hands Lip balm Hair pomade Beard scuplting



REGULAR USE: Intimate body oil

ALTERNATIVE USES: Body moisturizer Cuticle oil Meditation oil



REGULAR USE: Hand and body scrub

ALTERNATIVE USES: Hand moisturizer for gardeners Foot scrub Exfoliating scrub for legs before shaving - rinse well, shave with remaining oil


Clean out your bathroom and start your journey today!

P.S. If you have additional questions on alternative uses for our products, just send us a message. 


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