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Guide to Gifting by Astrological Sign

We are deeply committed to amplifying your connection to nature.  Since the stars and the cosmos influence the moon, the tides, and all sorts of other forces of nature we've come up with a gift guide connecting each of our products to the traits of a star sign.  

Here is a list of which signs would love what products and why. 

It's an easy way to try our products or choose a gift for someone special in your life. 

Just look to the stars.

For your favorite CAPRICORN:

The Caps in your life like structure, and like to be grounded, anchored and responsible.  But they are also passionate, deep, and concerned with stability and earthiness. Capricorns are ambitious and focused and like to get things done. 

For stability and self-care, give your Capricorn some SJÖ Moisturizing Body Scrub.  Caps are sea-goats and will love the earthiness of the sea minerals and the nourishing quality of the sugar and cocoa butter.  And because Capricorns love to be grounded but can really due with a nudge in the taking time for self-care realm, this is an ideal product to use after shaving legs or to exfoliate feet and whole body in a bath or shower.

If you want to spoil your Cap, get them the FULLÄNDA Library Collection - they will love trying everything and will savor every last bit, but are too practical to ever buy it for themselves. 

For your favorite AQUARIUS: 

The Aquarius is a snowflake - unique, creative, passionate and ambitious in every way.  They know that they are different and they reflect that in their everyday behavior. 

Your favorite Aquarius may be a bit of a performer or a dreamer, because they are visionary.  To help them keep their head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and practice great self-care during the darker winter months, give your favorite Aquarius VÄN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum.  It's lemon citrusy and sunny and cool and refreshing like water.   It's oil-free and gently moisturizing and will both boost mood and gently exfoliate and correct skin with the power of malolactic acid from white wine, citrus unshu extract, and hyaluronic acid.  Over a couple of weeks their skin will be more hydrated and plump, leaving them feeling like the stars that they are. 

If you want to spoil your Aquarius, gift them a SKÖN Glowing Skin Mini Collection so that they can feel the transformative power of washing, toning, moisturizing and balancing their skin with our synergistic face set.  

For your favorite PISCES: 

The Pisces is most often gentle, intuitive, and sensitive.  Your Pisces may be very moved by music and can impart great wisdom.  The Pisces can be more fearful and sad if they offer trust and get betrayed.   They need to receive the gentleness they give.  Offer your favorite Pisces some FIN Whipped Body Butter for gentle and complete moisture with a soft touch and gentle vanilla-based scent.  Made from whipped shea butter, avocado butter and grapeseed oil with vanilla, blue sage and petigrain, this is the ultimate in comfort.  

If you want to spoil your Pisces, consider getting them the HELA Whole Body Mini Collection, so that they can wash, scrub, and moisturize their skin - total healing comfort packed into one little set.  

For your favorite ARIES:  

The Aries is all about fire and love.  They are confident leaders with a cheerful disposition who aren't afraid to speak truth whenever they can.  They are courageous and authentic and like directness and simplicity. 

The Aries burn hot and can use some cooling down to come to balance and peace.  Your favorite Aries will love the soft balance and aromatherapeutic peace of FUKTA Balancing Oil.  With blue chamomile, tansy, and yarrow and formulated with Daikon Radish Root Oil and Prickly Pear Oil, this lovely facial oil soothes while also soaking in quickly and completely.

To spoil your favorite Aries, treat them to a bottle of RÖR Intimate Body Oil, which also absorbs quickly and is a favorite of our FUKTA fans.   

For your favorite TAURUS: 

The Taurus is the anchor of the zodiac.  They love and crave stability and consistency.  An Earth sign, they are grounded in beauty, luxury and comfort.  Your Taurus will be wild about KLAR Clarifying Liquid with a base of french and european clays and then with honey, tamanu extract and calming essential oils to balance skin and clear up imperfections. 

KLAR will help the Taurus feel balanced while also feeling like they are sitting in the lap of the Gods, using this great smelling, light liquid clay on their face day and night.  It clears up acne and will leave them looking their very best.

If you want to spoil your Taurus, give them a LÖSNING Clarifying Collection so they can use our delicious honey and rose REN wash and tonify with TONA, our kombucha, hops, apple cider vinegar and lavender combination that is a favorite amongst our customers. 

For your favorite GEMINI:

The Gemini is intelligent, adaptable and a social butterfly... or as some would say... a GEM!  We have the perfect gift for this sign.  Buy your Gemini PÄRLA Crystal Infused Salve.  Made with our super popular salve recipe and infused with peppermint, lavender, and with a real gemstone planted in each tin this gift is sure to surprise and delight your Gem.  

If you want to spoil your Gemini, give them a PÄRLA 6 Pack (last option on the PÄRLA page) so that they can gift mini PÄRLA tins to some of their favorite friends!

For your favorite CANCER: 

The Cancer is loyal, protective, caring and intuitive.  A Cancer loves a harmonious environment.  If you want to give a great gift to a Cancer, we recommend our TONA Clarifying Toner.  Not into toner?  Neither are we normally.  But we are into protection of skin from environmental toxins and helping support balanced, break-out free skin.  This is the toner for people who never buy toner and it's by far one of our most popular products. 

If you want to spoil your Cancer, think about offering them a LAGA All Purpose Salve Duo.  They can care for their hands, feet and lips on the go and feel great while they do it.  TONA is a powerful balancer for the face and LAGA protective for the hands and feet. 

For your favorite LEO: 

The Leo is generous, brave and social.  They have nurturing spirits and love things that feel and smell good.  For your Leo, we recommend RÖR Intimate Body Oil - a spicy, earthy, decadent almond-based oil that is perfect for right out of the shower moisture.  This item has only been in our collection a few months and it's already a big hit.  

If you want to spoil your favorite Leo, consider getting them a SJÖ Moisturizing Body Scrub.  They will love the way the sugar, pink salt and sea minerals exfoliate and leave the skin moisturized and luxurious.   

For your favorite VIRGO: 

The Virgo is hard-working, patient, and reliable.  The perfect gift for your favorite Virgo is TVÄTTA Probiotic Body Wash.  With a wonderful natural scent, a lovely silky texture, and filled with skin-nourishing ingredients like kefir grains and extract from Carménère skins, this comforting body wash truly takes clean skin to the next level. 

If you want to spoil your favorite Virgo, think about gifting them VÄN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum.  It's oil-free and so light, citrusy and gentle but a "hard worker" in it's own right, helping with discoloration, balance, and scarring while providing natural exfoliating power.   

For your favorite LIBRA:

The Libra is fair, idealistic, and clever.  They can be great listeners and they are balanced.  As a practical gift for this sign that always keeps the scales even, we suggest SANERA Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer for safety and balance.  Our sanitizer kills more than any normal alcohol-based sanitizer and adds the natural power of sea salt, vinegar, and essential oils for better smell, less dry and chapped skin, and just an overall better experience.  They can share this safety and balance with friends. 

If you want to be less practical and provide a special gift for Libra, we recommend our FIN Whipped Body Butter for straight vanilla and blue sage luxury.  Your Libra will feel like a million bucks.  

For your favorite SCORPIO: 

The Scorpio is passionate, persistent, strategic and fearless in their curiosity.  Scorpios offer a lot of fire and momentum to their relationships.  For your favorite Scorpio, we recommend REN Daily Face Cleanser with honey, rose, and peppermint.  It's stimulating and motivating and clearing away what's left on the skin and leaving a fresh start.  The Scorps are bound to feel refreshed and stimulated.  

If you want to spoil your Scorpio, try an extra big bottle of RÖR Intimate Body Oil, with spicy wood and vanilla notes, tonka bean, and rooting almond oil and a hint of clove for heat.   

For your favorite SAGITTARIUS: 

The Sagittarius represents an endless and unquenchable desire for adventure.  Sag is the sign that is most independent, philosophical and direct.  We think the best gift for a Sagittarius is our LAGA All Purpose Salve.  It is the perfect fix for adventures, making a great face shield against wet winter wind for skiing, the perfect relief for chafe from running or cycling, and it's an excellent way to heal over washed dry hands, lips and dry cracked feet.  

If you want to spoil your Sagittarius, we recommend getting them PÄRLA Crystal Infused Salve, which will delight them just as much as LAGA but also provide them with a surprise gemstone in each tin.  


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