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We are always in search of more information on how our skincare helps people in different ways. 

Here's the basic truth behind our theory that Ritual + Routine is the real game changer when you're trying to heal your skin.  

We know that when you establish a Ritual + Routine, you: 

  • Improve your skin with consistent, layered living treatment + moisture 
  • Feel better due to the shift in mood which comes with regular use of concentrated aromatherapeutic natural products 
  • Create quiet space and time for yourself every day 
  • Feel more confident, anchored, grounded and creative because you're no longer worried about your skin 

Now, we are working to bring you the Ritual + Routines of our real customers, so that you can develop ideas about how you'd like to use our products and what kind of benefits you can expect.  Keep watching for Rituals + Routines for Youthful Skin, Dry Skin, Teen Skin, and more.

They often use the products in ways we never would have thought of, and this information benefits our other customers as the navigate what to use for which condition, and when.

In this post, we feature the ritual and routine of our SLOANE MARLEY friend, collaborator, and client, Ianthe.  

Ianthe has been a friend to and consistent consumer of the SLOANE MARLEY brand since Spring 2021. She was already taking good care of her skin, but since moving to our products, she notices her skin has more of a glow, and we see her confidence shining through.

Ianthe is one of our customers who really, really loves the aromatherapeutic aspect of our products.

Ianthe is 52 and has Normal to Slightly Dry skin.

This is Ianthe's story, in her own words.

I’ve been a cosmetics and beauty brand snob for decades. Ever since my fancy auntie, she worked at Nordstrom in the 80’s, gave me my first Estee Lauder lipstick and a trip to the flagship MAC store when I was a Vogue magazine obsessed teenager.  

I learned through the years about toxic ingredients in conventional, and even high end brands, and vowed to keep the largest organ of my body, my skin, clear of these hazards.  

For years I only purchased expensive natural cosmetics from Austria and Australia. I won’t mention the brands here, but you can imagine. They were not toxic but they didn’t work well!

I had given up on finding a brand I could afford that actually worked until I met the visionary, alchemical genius, founder of SLOANE MARLEY, Courtney Feider!

  • An oil instead of serum and moisturizer?!
  • A spray toner that actually clears my skin and sets my face up to be the perfect foundation for anything else I apply?
  • Aromatherapy benefits in every product?
  • Hand crafted wild farmed organic always in glass?

It was just too good to be true, and everything at prices that compete with pharmacy cosmetic shelves.

So here I am, 52 years old, loving my skin more than any other time in my life. 

Ianthe's Ritual + Routine:


I wash my face with REN Daily Cleanser. Just a little in my palm with water and it’s a gorgeous thick lather.

Then I spray a fine mist of TONA Clarifying Toner and wave my hands in front of my face which gives me a delightful tingly “charge” as it dries.

Finally, I use a few drops of FUKTA Balancing Oil starting at the outer edge of my eyes where crows feet traditionally perch, and work the oil along my cheeks, jaw line and forehead. Including my lips and eyebrows.

For Body

My body gets to share in the SLOANE MARLEY love too. I use LAGA All Purpose Salve every night on my elbows, heels, and cuticles, anywhere that needs rich emollients.

I keep a tin next to my bed and give myself a little massage before falling asleep.

Occasionally, I'll also use the RÖR Intimate Oil as a body oil just after the shower as well.


Special Tips

If I’m having a break out or my skin is feeling extra sensitive I follow the face wash with KLAR Clarifying Liquid. I’ve also used KLAR on mosquito bites and rashes. It cools the heat and helps it heal.

About twice a month I use the amazingly soothing and cooling VAN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum. It brightens my face and helps tame redness.

I am also loving the new LINDRA Luxury Face Balm and have used it on my face, heels, a dry spot on my hand, cuticles, and lips. It's amazing.


In the evening, to wash off the day and any makeup and sweat that may have gathered, I use the REN Daily Cleanser again, occasionally followed by the VAN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum, and ÄLDRE Deep Conditioning Oil.

The rose essential oil comforts and soothes, and the ÄLDRE is thicker and my face welcomes it and drinks it up.

Thanks, Ianthe! We look forward to continuing to support you and your beautiful skin. 
Would you like to share your Ritual + Routine with us?  Drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you and share your story with others. 

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