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Krista's Skincare Ritual + Routine (for Combination Skin)

We create products that work for different people in different ways. 

And we know that when you establish a Ritual + Routine, you: 

  • Improve your skin with consistent, layered living treatment + moisture 
  • Feel better due to the shift in mood which comes with regular use of concentrated aromatherapeutic natural products 
  • Create quiet space and time for yourself every day 
  • Feel more confident, anchored, grounded and creative because you're no longer worried about your skin 

Now, we are working to bring you the Ritual + Routines of our real customers, so that you can develop ideas about how you'd like to use our products and what kind of benefits you can expect.  Keep watching for Rituals + Routines for Youthful Skin, Dry Skin, Teen Skin, and more.

They often use the products in ways we never would have thought of, and this information benefits our other customers as the navigate what to use for which condition, and when.

In this post, we feature the ritual and routine of our SLOANE MARLEY team member, Krista.

Krista is in her 20s and has combination skin.

This is Krista's story, in her own words.

I have always struggled with my skin. Breakouts, dry spots, and dull skin have always felt like an uphill battle. I remember my first breakout- it was in third grade, and the world felt like it was ending when three pimples appeared on my chin. I begged my mom to let me stay home from school, feeling as though a spotlight would  appear on those three dots. Sadly, I did attend school that day, where I felt as though I had to hide away from my peers in class. 

Around 5th grade, I begged my mom to let me try out a 3-Step skincare system I saw on TV. I had still been struggling with pimples and oily skin, which was tough on my self-esteem as a burgeoning teen. I was overjoyed to rip into the package that would solve all my problems. I could see my skin glowing, clear, and myself turning into the best version of myself. I remember the first time I used the products, and how I knew that the tight feeling in my skin must mean that I was going to wake up with clear skin. Unfortunately, this feeling left my skin dry, yet still breaking out. Following this kit, I spent most of my teens trying to find a skincare system that worked for my skin.

While my skin was never terrible, I have always struggled with breakouts, coupled with dry spots. Before I found Sloane Marley, I would cleanse to remove the oil from my skin, apply witch hazel as a toner, apply pore strips to my nose, and occasionally do a clay mask. I’d moisturize if I remembered, but the face lotion social media recommended to me always felt greasy. My skin was begging for a change. 

I found Sloane Marley through a mutual friend, after becoming exhausted with all of the products I had tried and cluttered my countertops with. I had never tried completely natural skincare before, although I had been making the shift towards more organic ingredients as I became more educated about what was in my products. 

I began using Sloane Marley daily, and fell in love with it. While the shifts were gradual in my skin, I began to notice changes in tone and texture after the first week. I started using the REN cleanser and FUKTA balancing oil on my skin, which didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. Instead, it felt clean and nourished. I started applying the KLAR liquid clay to spots that had broken out on my skin, but I noticed that along with reducing breakouts, my makeup stayed on longer where applied. I shifted to using the clay as a primer, which has worked as a barrier between my skin that also keeps my makeup on all day. 

Skincare always felt like a drag to me, but having products that are enjoyable to use has changed the game for me. I had never paid much mind to natural products, but making the switch has resulted in my skincare routine becoming an enjoyable ritual to start and end my day with. I look forward to the smell of the cleanser hitting my skin, and the tingling feeling peppermint brings to my face. Where my skincare used to feel like a hassle, it’s transformed into a ritual that brings me joy and grounds me after a long day. 

At the center of Sloane Marley is the central idea that beautiful skin shall be accessible to all. Having healthy, clear skin is a birthright that I wish I had been granted at a younger age. When I was struggling with my skin, I felt as though I had to hide away under makeup, or shy away from conversations. While Sloane Marley has helped with my skin a great deal, the boost in confidence is most noticeable. I love the skin I’m in, and feel that I can finally tackle the world ahead of me. 

Krista's Ritual + Routine:


In the mornings, I begin my day with the REN Daily Cleanser to wake me up. I follow with TONA Clarifying Toner and then the FUKTA Balancing Oil to provide a boost of moisture. Throughout the day, I apply LAGA All Purpose Salve and PARLA Crystal-Infused Salve to the lips. I can't get enough of the stuff! 

If I take a shower that day, I like to use the SJO Moisturizing Body Scrub before I shave. It helps tremendously with reducing ingrown hairs, and leaves my legs incredibly soft and smooth. I'll apply some ROR Intimate Body Oil or FIN Whipped Body Butter to my body, especially if my legs will be showing with the outfit I'm wearing. 


Before work, I apply the KLAR Clarifying Liquid underneath my makeup. I pay attention to spots where I have pimples or breakouts, as the liquid acts as a barrier between the two. KLAR Clarifying Liquid also doubles as a great primer, keeping my makeup on during the heat. I relied on it for a music festival this summer, which kept my makeup intact even on hot, humid days. 

I like to use the SJO Moisturizing Scrub before I shave. It helps tremendously with reducing ingrown hairs, and leaves my legs incredibly soft and smooth. I'll apply some ROR or FIN Whipped Body Butter to my body, especially if my legs will be showing with the outfit I'm wearing.


In the evening, I like to wash my makeup off as soon as I get home. I use the REN cleanser again, followed by the VAN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum and FUKTA on top. For dry spots, I'll add a little of the ALDRE Deep Conditioning Oil to wake up with a fresh, glowy face in the morning. 
Would you like to share your Ritual + Routine with us?  Drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you and share your story with others. 

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