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The Power of Plants-Aromatherapeutic Benefits In Our Products


You may have noticed that we tend to take a different approach to skincare at Sloane Marley. Everything that goes into each bottle, from our packaging to our ingredients, reminds us of our connection to nature and all that it enriches us with. Our founder Courtney Feider channels her wisdom of herbs and plants to create products that not only work wonders for the skin but for the mood as well. Aromatherapeutic benefits abound in our products, as each ingredient is packed with tender care, science, and intention. 




Our facial cleanser combines rose's soft power and wildflower honey's cleansing properties to cleanse the skin without over-drying. Rose helps the body relieve stress, fight anxiety, and promotes feelings of love, care, and comfort. Grapefruit also aids in balancing the mood and reducing stress, as well as protecting the skin. Bergamot and Niaouli aid their scent to create an aroma grounding, alleviating tension and adding brightness and warmth to our cleanser. 




Our clarifying mist cools, tones, and balances the skin, all while restoring its natural balance. Our chamomile distillate contains the same compounds as essential oils but without weight. Chamomile lends its relaxing scent to our toner, promoting peacefulness, reduced levels of anxiety, and a reduction in depressive symptoms. The hops used in our formula lend their stress-relieving scent to the toner. The essentials of niaouli, clary sage, lavender, and rose to combine and add an earthy, relaxing scent to the product. 




VAN  is a wildcrafted botanical serum that smells like a bright summer's day, carrying notes of satsuma, viognier, and aloe vera to brighten and plump the skin. Floral hydrosols cool the skin and provide stress relief and relaxation. Essentials of tangerine lend a bright and sweet aroma to the serum, promoting feelings of happiness and energization. Grapefruit and lemon provide another citrusy, energizing kick to the formula. The citruses in this little bottle provide uplifting properties, resulting in a lightweight serum that uplifts the mood. 




Our blue balancing oil locks in moisture to soften the skin and improve the tone and texture over time. FUKTA is formulated with blue chamomile. The flower lends its scent to provide a sweet aroma with fresh herbaceous undertones. Blue chamomile has a calming aroma, bringing balance and feelings of harmony to our bodies and minds. Copaiba lends its earthy aroma to FUKTA, providing a relaxing scent that eases the chaos of everyday life. Our FUKTA oil relaxes the system and provides a calming balance to counter the stresses of modern life. 




Our luxurious ALDRE oil absorbs quickly, conditioning the skin without residing or heavy moisture. Essences of rose, sandalwood, and marigold nourish the skin and lend a natural fragrance to the oil. Bulgarian rose oil has a sweet floral scent with hints of spice, providing a warm aroma to the oil, as well as relief from anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms. Essentials from sandalwood have been used for centuries to treat various conditions, lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. The oil aids in treating depression and anxiety, with its woodsy scent providing a grounding, earthy base. 




KLAR, or "clear," is a mix of ancient clays and calming plants that soothe the skin and is sheer enough to wear under makeup or on its own. Hyssop oil has antimicrobial and uplifting benefits, with a scent between a floral and bitter aroma. Hyssop oil can alleviate the common cold and respiratory symptoms such as difficulty breathing and coughing. Bergamot lends its bright scent to the liquid clay, providing stress relief and enhancing feelings of joy and strength. Lemon and grapefruit can perk up the mood, improve concentration, and offers a sense of alertness. White thyme serves as an aromatic stimulant that purifies and strengthens the spirit. 




In Swedish, FIN means delicious, both for the body and soul. Our body butter is whipped with Essentials of basil, sage, vanilla, bergamot, and petitgrain to bring warmth and joy to our skin. A light touch of basil stimulates the mind and brings energy and fun to the spirit. The herb may also soothe headaches and relieve digestive discomforts. Sage oil has antistress effects, clearing and relaxing the mind from stress and depression. The scent of the oil exhibits a balancing and soothing effect when used in aromatherapy applications. Petitgrain is derived from the bitter orange tree, distilled from the leaves and twigs from the tree. The fresh and herbaceous scent eases feelings of tension, calms the nervous system, and promotes restful sleep. 




The return to the ritual of personal care starts with feeling good about yourself and your ability to share yourself with others. Our ROR body oil hydrates the skin and leaves a subtle hint of rose, vanilla, spice, wood, and heat. This warm oil earns notes from vanilla, boosting the mood while maintaining a grounding scent. Vanilla evokes confidence and positivity, pairing well with warm notes from cardamom. Cardamom calms the senses, inspires clarity, and eases tension. It can also be used to soothe muscles and relieve nausea. Jasmine's romantic scent has been used for decades to improve romantic and positive feelings, encouraging alertness. A dash of clove lends a warm aroma to the oil, inviting feelings of friendliness and connection to our body oil.




SJÖ scrubs our skin clean of impurities and lets oxygen in, moisturizing and exfoliating all in one step. Essentials of vanilla, basil, and blue sage lend their scents to a refreshing body scrub. Vanilla and basil bring warmth and clarity to the spirit. The fresh and warm tones are uplifting and can repel insects and odor-causing bacteria. Blue sage provides a warm, woody tone to the scrub, combining the sacred power of the plant with other warm notes. Blue sage is widely used for cleansing and purification, aiding in the balance of the mind and relaxation.




Our all-purpose salve is your body's best friend for year-round care. This salve locks the moisture from dry hands to cracked lips with beeswax, lavender, lemon, rosemary, and bergamot. Lavender promotes relaxation and can treat anxiety, allergies, depression, and insomnia. The herbs contain fragrant compounds that lessen anxiety by passing signals to the brain. Lemon provides a bright, clean scent that energizes the mind and spirit, giving clarity and relief from stress. Rosemary lowers cortisol levels, a hormone caused by stress. Rosemary oil may relieve stress and anxiety and enhance memory through its aroma. Bergamot's bright scent works with lemon and lavender to reduce stress and anxiety, promote feelings of cheerfulness, and boost the mood. 




A sister to LAGAPARLA is our crystal-infused salve that adds a tumbled gemstone and subtle shimmer. With a scent that echoes the terraces in Bordeaux, France, the all-purpose salve carrier lavender for relaxation, peppermint for purification, and vanilla for warmth. These combined oils provide clarity and focus, bringing warmth and joy from the vanilla and calmness from lavender. 


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