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A Procrastinator's Guide to Last Minute Gift Giving

The holidays certainly seem to be coming more quickly this year!  I don’t know about you, but my Fall rushed past me and I honestly don’t even know where it went.  Here we are, exactly two weeks away from Christmas and with many other holiday celebrations in full swing, and I am still scrambling trying to make sure I have gotten all of my gifts taken care of.  

Years ago, I owned a farmer’s market and our holiday market was called the Procrastinator’s Holiday Market. We wanted to celebrate everyone who either waits to buy late by choice, runs out of time, or simply doesn’t know what to get for the special people in their life.  

I am here to tell you, everyone likes posh and pamper-y skincare as a gift.  It’s timeless, universal, and often they don’t even know they need and want it until you gift it!

I want to offer you some quick and easy ways to approach the gifts left on your list. We will try to make it easier for you. 



We are traveling this holiday, so I am creating lots of mini sets for family members, clients and close friends because they are customizable for different skin types, easy to ship or pack, and can be refilled with larger sizes later. 

Here is our guide on how to use our products and what is good for each skin type.

Visit the page of any of our products and find the “mini” size, and select each individually or shop our sets for pre-organized combinations for different skin conditions and types. 

This is a perfect option for a BFF, a family member, or to ship to a college student or 20-something who won't be with you for the holidays this year, but deserves a surprise!



We live and make our products in a dry, high-desert climate with a cold winter. My skin in particular is not made for this kind of weather.  People who live here are always complaining about dry skin.  Here is our laundry list for dry winter skin.  Nothing feels better than a little gentle pampering during the holiday wind down. 

Grab some for yourself, for a loved one or friend, or keep some of these things on hand for holiday visitors who aren't used to the cold and low humidity.


FIN is great for whole body and deep moisture.
SJO is great as a pre-shave for legs and to exfoliate body.

ROR is a wonderful all over moisture on warm damp skin.

LAGA heals dry hands and feet and protects from windburn.

LINDRA calms, soothes and protects the face and lips.



Do you know someone who is about to have a baby? We recommend these items as the parents-to-be nest, relax, and prepare to have their whole world change forever.  We have given several of these gifts in the last few months, and shipped out a bunch of them as well. 

FUKTA is a perfect balancing face oil for mom and dad or mom and mom or dad and dad to share, promoting relaxation, rest, and balanced, soothed skin. 

LINDRA feels great on the face and also works well as a medium for massaging sore, swollen feet, and to ease the itch and stretch of an expanding pregnancy belly.  Use early and often to help reduce long term stretch marks.

LILLA DU is safe for brand new newborns as a wash for body, hair, and cradle cap.  Put a little bit in a peri bottle with warm water to soothe mama after delivery and during early healing. 



Do you know a couple, siblings or roommates who share a bathroom and products but have limited space?  

Our SKON GLOWING SKIN COLLECTION is ideal for partners or people in shared living to try our face products.  Different skin types can use the products differently to benefit their skin and reduce the number of bottles on the countertop by a lot.  



My husband is the perfect example of someone who “didn’t need” face products or skincare in general.  But then he was part of our SLOANE MARLEY test audience during the 2 years before our launch, and he got fully hooked.  His hair is better, he got rid of shaving induced in-grown hairs (for the first time in his life) and in general his skin just *felt* good.  

He recommends these products as “must haves” to every man he meets. 

KLAR is ideal for mattering and balancing skin, promoting good sleep, and can be an interesting medium for short and rough textured hair. 

FUKTA is good as a post shaving medium and to soothe and clear skin, and it’s light and soaks in easily and smells really, really good. 

REN is a minty, foaming daily cleanser which cleans off all dirt, oil, sweat, and leaves skin tingling and refreshed.  



I’m aware that most mamas are so busy taking care of everyone that they don’t slow down and take care of themselves.  I’m definitely guilty of this.  Here are my top faves, and things I most often gift to the moms in my life. 

LINDRA is our new luxury face balm/solid serum, and it hydrates, balances and protects very dry skin while reducing fine lines using the power of carrot seed oil and calendula, chamomile and frankincense.

ALDRE is our deep conditioning oil and it harnesses the power of marula oil, organ oil, and Bulgarian Rose + Nepalese Sandalwood to deeply nourish dry or aging skin.

HARTLIG STUNNING FACE COLLECTION is a sampler set of minis of all of our face products and oils, offering someone new to SLOANE MARLEY the opportunity to try everything out and to figure out which combinations feel and work best for them.  All mini sizes are in apothecary brown glass, are TSA safe, and can be refilled from our larger bottles.



Teen skin doesn’t have to be an acne story, if kids start caring for their skin early.  I started SLOANE MARLEY with the idea of offering a safe and natural alternative to acne prevention sets which use harsh chemicals. I started my kids on their face routines when they were 10, and they have modified their use of different products in the line over time, based on their skin types. These products are the best starting place for a majority of teens, including those who wear makeup, or those who play sports and get acne around hair and equipment lines.

REN is a minty, foaming daily cleanser which cleans off all dirt, oil, sweat, and leaves skin tingling and refreshed.  
TONA is our answer to toner, balancing skin and creating a light moisturizing layer without skin clogging ingredients.  

KLAR is our clarifying liquid clay, good for spot treatments on acne and acne prone areas or for all over the face on a daily basis.



Teachers have been through a lot these past two years, and they are more appreciative than almost anyone when they receive an unexpected gift. If you are scrambling for a Christmas gift for your student’s teacher, these items are popular with the teachers in our lives. 

LAGA is our most popular item - an all-purpose hand and body salve good for dry and over-washed teacher hands.  The essential oils of rosemary, lemon and bergamot are also antibacterial and the salve contains beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter, making a “glove” of protection for the hands.

OUR LIMITED EDITION CANDLES are incredibly popular with teachers wanting to unwind at home.  We have a few of our ELD Limited Edition Candles left and some of our STOCKHOLM 2002 Limited Edition Candles left too.

GIFT CARDS are digital, instant and come in $25 increments, making it incredibly easy for you to share a gift and let them make their own selections re: what they want and will use the most. 



FULLANDA is our library collection, a sampler of minis with one of each of almost everything we make for face and body.   This is a favorite Christmas gift, holiday gift, and birthday gift, or client appreciation gift. 

I sent some of my corporate clients OUR LIMITED EDITION CANDLES.  Most often, they reach back out and gift another candle to a family member or friend. We have a few of our ELD Limited Edition Candles left and some of our STOCKHOLM 2002 Limited Edition Candles left too.

And again, GIFT CARDS are digital, instant and come in $25 increments, making it incredibly easy for you to share a gift and let them make their own selections re: what they want and will use the most. 

From our family to yours, I hope your holiday season is warm, cozy, balanced, and as low stress as possible.  



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