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How to Balance Teen Skin


When kids move from childhood to teenage years, many things happen to the skin. The two main issues with skin in the tween and teen years are the hormone androgen and the way it increases sebum (or oil production) in the skin, and the issue of keeping skin clean and balanced.

Teens struggle because their skin gets more oily and when they are active, the combination of oil and sweat clogs the pores. Add any environmental dust and dirt and you have a recipe for acne.

Products that are typically marketed to teenagers and parents of teens strip the skin of all of it's normal flora and bacteria, removing oil but also putting the skin in a state of risk because the tender skin is exposed with no protection and oil production typically increases as the skin tries to protect itself.

When kids use something that controls the oil on their skin and populates it with positive bacteria, there is a boundary of positive workers between the oil, sweat, dirt, and the delicate changing skin and embarrassing acne stays at bay.

For teens, a good sequence is a natural face wash with nourishing qualities, like our REN wash, a good toner to even out oil balance without stripping the skin, like our TONA, and a light layer of moisture, like our FUKTA. For lightest moisturizing we recommend TONA with a few drops of FUKTA. For the occasional break out that comes from increased hormones and needs some control, a light clay solution like KLAR will heal the outbreak of bad bacteria before the problem acne really blooms.

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