Our Story

Hi! Welcome! I'm Courtney and I am the Founder of Sloane Marley. 

It's our mission to return you to the art of self-care, to give you back a quick, efficient, and indulgent-feeling self-care ritual that reminds you that you are human and you deserve a break.  Drawing from my family background, all of the products have leverage the Scandinavian priority on coziness or "hygge". 

I am not from the industry or from a family who is in the industry.  I started Sloane Marley in the kitchen of my half-acre mini farm with my chickens clucking away their support outside and my herbs and plants growing outside.  When my husband Adam started using the entire line twice a day because it "felt good" I knew I was onto something because prior to that he'd never consistently used any product for more than a week. 

In 2014 when our Italian friend got married.  We had the luxury of two whole weeks going slow, eating whole delicious food, drinking great wine and generally remembering that we needed to rest.  I fantasized about what it would be like to integrate wine pomace and fruits and vegetables into something *alive* that would be beneficial for the skin.  I kept thinking about how we are healthy about what we put in our body but much worse about what we put on it.  

I dreamed about it all the way home. 

Around the 2017 harvest, I connected with Spencer Sievers from El Corazón Winery to source wine pomace.  With a lot of mixing and testing I came up with  a phytonutrient rich concentrate spiked with sacred botanicals, fruits, and vegetables.  I refined it and aged it like wine, then added it to all of our products.  I spent the better part of 2 years understanding how they worked for different skin types and conditions, and re-formulating. Now we hold a trademark for this process in both the genre of cosmetics and the genre of agriculture/wine.  

During the summer of 2019 we started selling Sloane Marley online and to limited retailers.  

Over time, I developed the SKÖN Glowing Skin Collection as a master set of *everything* which could be combined in different ways to take care of virtually any kind of skin.  It can be shared by a family, a couple, siblings, or housemates, taking the place of the dozens of half-used plastic bottles that waste money for all of us, hurt the planet with plastic and take up space.

Everything we make at Sloane Marley is natural, food-grade, and you could eat it (but the essential oils would give you a stomachache).  It's all vegetarian and most of it is vegan, but we do use limited amounts of gently sourced beeswax in our salves for extra skin protection.  

Everything from Sloane Marley is still handcrafted and batch-processed and made fresh.  I hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy making them for you.  

Sending love and wishes for you to take care of yourself!