What do we make?

Sloane Marley is a line of restorative natural skincare designed to build a foundation of positive living ingredients on the skin.  When the skin is populated with good things, it can naturally combat the environmental toxins and negative bacteria which cause acne, dryness, and signs of stress and aging. 

In the US, more than 85% of the adolescent population between ages 9 and 17 suffer from acne.  Up to 55% of the adult population also suffer from adult acne.  Acne causes depression and depression causes acne.  Over $100M are spent per year in the US on over the counter acne treatments and over $1B per year is spent on medical intervention to treat acne.  

Using adjustments to the way we routinely treat our skin, setting a calming ritual, and including soothing essential oils, we strive to remind people that beautiful skin is a birthright.  

Our process extracts key ingredients from the winemaking process creating a proprietary resveratrol skincare system that rapidly brings your skin to balance and enhances your native beauty.  

Sloane Marley products represent the essence of a a divine tastemaker -  the caregiver and medicine woman who unites the plants and the people.  She is the beacon calling you back to your birthright - the power to be comfortable in the skin you are in. 

Who is our Founder? 

Our Founder, Courtney Feider, created Sloane Marley after more than 20 years in the corporate world, the wine industry, and studying/working with human behavior because she recognized that people will examine what they eat with rigor but have a difficult time taking good care of their skin.  Using her background in the pharma industry, her experience as an NCTMB certified massage therapist, and deep experience with aromatherapy combined with background in the family and boutique wine industry, Courtney began to merge the skills she had learned to develop a proprietary fruit juice ferment and extraction combination using wine waste and plant botanicals to create an exciting new "normal flora" for skin.   

Sloane Marley is a quiet reprieve, a daily source of comfort, and an easy way to take excellent care of the skin you're in.   

How do we use plants? 

Sloane Marley returns skin to a state of peace, leveraging pure plant power.  

All Sloane Marley products are made with a proprietary botanical and wine pomace base rich in resveratrol, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, fruit acids, and a rainbow of polyphenols and phytonutrients.  Though our product recipes stay the same every year, our base extractions and ferments are adjusted based on the nutrient profile of the soil and the harvest, just like a fine wine.  We exclusively source pomace from El Corazon Winery in Walla Walla, Washington, and Courtney works closely with winemaker Spencer Sievers to choose the right vineyard to pull pomace from each year.  

Many of our products are vegan and all are vegan-friendly, using gently-sourced beeswax and honey and putting our botanical byproducts back into the soil to attract and feed pollinators of all kinds.  

How do we encourage mind/body balance?

The names of the Sloane Marley products are Swedish words in honor of our Scandinavian heritage and the concept of "hygge", or the idea of being cozy and comforted.  The ritual of using the products creates a steady state of relaxation and peace along with softer, cleaner, clearer skin.

The experience of using our products is inspired by the concept of connecting with wine as an elixir for health and connection with friends, family, community, plants and people.

What steps do we take to use a fully sustainable process?

Inspired by old-world European wine-making techniques, we begin with a proprietary mix of byproducts from the winemaking process and a blend of fresh botanicals.

This is the base of all of our formulations and requires extensive aging, much like wine, before it is added to the products. We source each floral and botanical ingredient very carefully, limiting our total volume of products just like a vineyard harvest. 

Just like a winemaker adjusts the way they blend a bottle of wine, year over year we adjust the vineyard we source from and our botanical infusion to be in synergy with the nutrients in that vintage of grapes.  We source from rotating vineyards to maximize the resveratrol, making our base elixir a little bit more refined each year.  

We believe in the power of sustainability. To bring the process full circle, we  work with labs, botanists, and winemakers on two continents to formulate a modified version of our proprietary botanical mix to be used as a natural soil treatment for the vines as well as for those growing barley, hops, and hemp.  All of our products are produced and hand bottled in apothecary glass.