Hej!  Välkommen!  Welcome! 

Somewhere around 2005, I started playing with mixing ingredients to create face and body care that would work for me....and many other people.  I was working as a massage therapist and I was seeing a lot of skin and noticing patterns in what the skin would show when the body held a certain heat or imbalance.  My own skin was always a little out of balance due to climate, stress, or the smallest dietary change.  Anything I could buy was outrageously expensive or only worked for me for a few weeks.  My family heritage is primarily Scandinavian and Irish/Scottish so I have fair, sensitive skin which needs careful care.  

As I moved into motherhood and had two daughters in two years, I noticed they also had very sensitive skin.  I start mixing some things that were basic and I knew would be safe.  At one point I started looking for a natural ingredient that would form a "normal flora" or a natural biome on the skin, creating a mini-defense system against damage, environmental toxin and bad bacteria. 

Long hours playing with wine pomace, sacred botanicals, and fruits and vegetables I put together a fresh juice ferment that became the base of everything that I make, and the answer I was looking for to connect the skin to balance and health long term.  With a lot of mixing and testing I came up with a phytonutrient rich concentrate and started adding it to recipes for face cleansing, toning, softening, moisturizing and clarifying.   I merged this new ferment with everything I had learned and studied from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Egyptian skincare, and Scandinavian tradition to formulate my recipes. 

SLOANE MARLEY™ became a persona who represented the idea that being closer to nature is our native state and our state of balance and health.  Each product has a Scandinavian name representing a word that describes the product because we have deep reverence for the gargantuan powers of the earth and our inherent right to relax. 

Each product is delicately balanced with the scents of the botanicals in the product and essential oils for maximum relaxation and relief from anxiety.  We all deserve to calm our jostled minds.  And they are made to bring balance back to our biggest living, breathing organ - the skin.  

In May 2019 we started selling SLOANE MARLEY online directly to our customers and to limited retailers.  Everything we make is still handcrafted and batch-processed and hand packed by my family and I.  

Thank you for your faith in me and your belief that I have only chosen things that I would put on my own skin or my daughter's skin - because they are the best nature has to offer - whole, clean, and kissed with deep plant magic and the natural world's power.  

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy making them for you.  

xx Sending You My Very Best xx