Hej! Welcome! 

Thank you for your faith in me and your belief that I have only chosen things that I would put on my own skin or my daughters' skin - because they are the best nature has to offer - whole, clean, and kissed with deep plant magic.

Each product we make is delicately handcrafted, hand packaged, and balanced with botanicals  and essential oils for maximum relaxation and relief from anxiety.  We must bring balance back to our biggest living, breathing organ - the skin.  Our products have Scandinavian names describing the state they create.  The ethic of our brand is that we have deep reverence for the earth, plant medicine, nature and our inherent right to take care of ourselves and relax. 

But let me go back to the beginning.... 

Prior to making my own products, my skin was always a little out of balance due to climate, stress, or the smallest dietary change.  Anything I could buy was outrageously expensive or only worked for me for a few weeks then my skin would adapt and I would either get acne or dry skin.  I have fair, sensitive combination skin which needs careful care and I live in a dry environment, so I needed balance.  

The biggest problem I would have as my skin would react to a product it didn't like was sort of an itchy, tight irritated feeling that once I had, I struggled to get rid of.  It didn't matter how good the ingredients were in most cases.  

We began to change our lifestyle too.  We got chickens.  We moved to a micro-farm property and started growing lots of vegetables, berries, and fresh herbs.  I started working in the dirt a lot and cleaning up after, caring for the chickens.  I noticed that during the time I was outdoors and putting my hands in soil or working with plants, my skin felt a little bit better.  

I have a biology-based degree and I am a massage therapist.  I know bodies and skin.  So I started reading.  


I discovered data that says we have 37 trillion cells and most of them are in toxic overload.  From the water we drink, food we eat, and environmental toxins, and rancid, out of date or chemically infused skincare and body care, our bodies are essentially running on toxic fuel inside and out.  As I fell into a role as a member of a community of people eating primarily from their own property, shopping farmer's markets, and trading fresh foods, I realized we do an excellent job taking care of our systems from the inside out but not the outside in.  We will eat fresh eggs, veggies, fruit, make sauerkraut, kombucha, and other fermented foods, we'll avoid GMO and chemically altered processed foods like they are deadly, but we don't put any normal flora back ON our skin. 

Long hours playing with wine pomace, sacred botanicals, and fruits and vegetables I put together a fresh juice ferment that became the base of everything that I make, and the answer I was looking for to connect the skin to balance and health long term.  With a lot of mixing and testing I came up with a phytonutrient rich concentrate and started adding it to recipes for face cleansing, toning, softening, moisturizing and clarifying.   I merged this new ferment with everything I had learned and studied from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Egyptian skincare, and Scandinavian tradition to formulate my recipes. 

SLOANE MARLEY™ was born.   

In May 2019 we started selling SLOANE MARLEY online directly to our customers and to limited retailers.  Everything we make is still handcrafted and batch-processed and hand packed by my family and I.  

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy making them for you.  

xx Sending You My Very Best xx