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Hello, my name is Courtney.  I'm so glad that you are here.  

I am the Founder, Creator and Formulator of SLOANE MARLEY.

I deeply believe that our return to the wild intelligence of plants will save us.

The SLOANE MARLEY brand was born from visions and dreams, and decades spent studying skin, muscle, movement, human anatomy, ancestral herbalism, channeled wisdom, alchemy, and pure the truth plants have to offer.

I work to tap into my ancient lineage and my family history many generations back.  As is true in many things, what is old is new and what is new is old.  

Everything I create for SLOANE MARLEY is cruelty-free, vegan or vegan-friendly, and entirely plant based. We never test on animals, but we always rigorously test products with the help of people with skin of all ages and types before they are released for use.

I have carefully crafted each product using my background as an herbalist, a certified massage therapist, and an aromatherapist, and more than 30 years studying the way the body moves, the way the skin works, and the way movement, mood and confidence are interconnected. 

I am very particular about our products, so in addition to my skills, I am advised by winemakers, botanists, naturopathic doctors, nature based estheticians, and the practices of curanderismo, and Norse + Celtic Shamanism for the correct balance of ingredients and ritual for all types of skin. 

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