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RÄV: Limited Edition Rollerball Perfume

RÄV: Limited Edition Rollerball Perfume

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Please look for our new limited editions coming Summer 2023. Dates and details TBD.

RÄV means "fox" and is our celebration of the Nordic legend of the "fox fires" which is a name for the Northern lights.

A fox dashed across the tundra and his tail created sparks as it brushed the peaks of tall mountains, and the Northern Lights were born. The night sky is a blanket of stars, this candle smells of air, earth, pine, water, mountain air, vetiver, and Nordic midnight. 

With this candle we usher in the Spring, the longer days, and the earth birthing new plants through a blanket of pine needles and the last of the snow.  The candle vessel is a smoked silver mercury glass, which looks burnished and beautiful when unlit, and shines like a blanket of mercurial stars when lit.

RÄV smells like a crisp spring night, where the air is cold and you can smell nearby lake water, fresh grass, and the blanket of pine needles waiting for new plants, flowers, and the buds of new trees to push through. I custom blended this scent with essences of vetiver, pine, cypress, cedar, rosemary, fresh grass, sea minerals, and wood.

Made with allergy safe grape seed oil and 100% natural fragrance.

Limited Edition = Limited Quantities!

ONLY 30 WILL BE MADE =  amber glass bottle with silver roller ball 

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