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Rain Meditation Video

Rain Meditation Video

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A gift for the Sloane Marley Community. Join us for this 10 minutes guided meditation using the soft sounds of rainfall, powerful guided visualization techniques and a somatic scent experience the ancient technology of a gentle candle flame.

By following the meditation closely you can achieve an Alpha wave state resetting your neurological connection offering brain rest and peace.

This meditation is elevated and enhanced with our STOCKHOLM 2002 candle which can be purchased in our 7 oz vintage green glass or the smaller 1 oz travel tin.

When the meditation is complete, and the candle has been blown out, the warm skin safe, eco-friendly, coconut wax can be gently applied to the pulse points to carry the aroma of a rainstorm and the powerful impact of the meditation with you all day long.

We believe in elemental ancestral beauty and beautiful skin for all ages, skin types and identities. 

Beautiful skin begins with a calm mind and a peaceful heart. 

This meditation is available with both download options of video and audio only for your convenience.

Created, with love and support, by our very own Founder and CEO, Courtney Feider.