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TJEJ Delicate Skin Collection

TJEJ Delicate Skin Collection

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This smoothing and softening collection which takes your skin back to a state of grace.

The TJEJ Delicate Skin Collection lets you restore your skin's natural moisture balance and returns a natural dewy glow. Building moisture starting with a wash and adding blue oils to reduce inflammation and the power of botanicals, hyaluronic acid, citrus extracts, and Viognier to reduce discoloration while plumping, softening, and hydrating skin.   

The TJEJ Delicate Skin Collection is age-neutral and is perfect for any face that needs to rebuild a baby-soft base after being beaten by sun and weather and overuse of harsh artificial ingredients.  Bringing the anti-bacterial healing power of honey, the antioxidant powerhouse of our proprietary pomace fruit-juice ferment, malolactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory blue oils, this collection will lightly slough off dry and dead skin, treat dryness, and stave of skin eruptions.  

Use KÄNSLIG to clean, FUKTA around eyes and on fine lines, and VÄN on the entire face.  For drier skin, use FUKTA at night and VÄN during the day alone or under make up.  For oily or combination skin, use VÄN for moisture day mix VÄN and a few drops of FUKTA in for a lighter moisture balance.  



Set sizes: 

KÄNSLIG Daily Cleanser -  2oz 

FUKTA Balancing Oil - 1oz  

VÄN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum -  1oz 

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